San Jose Sharks Orange Men Rip Off Canucks Green Men [Twitpics]


In case you were out and about last night and missed Sharks-Canucks Game 3, San Jose got back in the series with a 4-3 victory and the team’s Orange/Teal Men made an appearance. Yes, San Jose totally ripped off the Green Men idea and pretty much bombed according to the Twitter rumblings we tracked overnight. Emily Gross typed, “What’s with the Orange Men in San Jose? Does no team have originol [SIC] ideas anymore? @TheGreenMen are way better : ).”

Agreed, Gross.

The big issue with the Orange/Teal Men, according to most Twitter commenters, was the lack of originality.

Carmen Star-Lynn chimed in:

Seems like the Orange/Blue Men from San Jose are NOT ONLY Sharks Fans…They are Copy-Cats of the Green Men and they couldn’t Top the Flash.

And we’ve now gotten to the point where corporations are sponsoring suited penalty box antics. CBS Sportsline reports that the Orange/Teal men actually have sponsors who are footing the bill for the right to advertise on the suits.

There were five — three in orange and two in tight-fitting teal, although none appeared to be as acrobatic as the Vancouver crew  — and they even had their own PR person from a Silicon Valley company that paid for their seats at Game 3 of the Western Conference finals at HP Pavilion on Friday night. The seats cost at least $350 each, so Barracuda Networks — a Sharks sponsor  — spent some good money to spoof Vancouver.

“We are just looking to go out there and have some fun,” said Mitch Vacation of Saratoga, Calif. (Yes, that’s the name he gave and here’s appears to be his Facebook page.) “We are here to represent the Sharks and everything that has to do with orange and teal. “

Barracuda Networks was behind the promotion that handed every person who walked into the arena orange t-shirts, although only at best half wore them.

Guys, think about this for a second. All you have to do in order to get $350 seats is to make a fool out of yourself, have no creativity and get ridiculed on Twitter. Lesson learned.

As for the Green Men, they will be back.

We didn’t make the trip out all. We’ll be there for game 5 (tho there won’t be a gm 5). I predict 4-3 tonight. Lappy with the winner.

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