White Sox Dad Goes Digger In Flying Attempt At Foul Ball Last Night [Video]

You are looking at a video that currently has 5 views on YouTube and will be your sports blogosphere viral video of the day after dad went Snuka for a foul ball during last night’s White Sox-Indians game. You know your pops is awesome when he gives this type of effort to snag a foul ball for you.


Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: It’s 8-1 Sox in the 9th and dad refuses to leave – on a school night – before his boy gets to see the final out of a meaningless May. Hard smash…down the line! Dad, sensing his opportunity to make a play, goes Ozzie Guillen out of the stands.

Climax of Video: Holy #$%W! Did you just see dad go Griffey Jr. over the railing. We’re kinda jealous our pops never gave such an effort. Then again, he never splurged on front-row ducats.

Conclusion: Web redemption, no doubt. Tosh.o by October.

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