South Park Tea Bagger/White Boy Is A LeBron James Fan [Morning Twitpic]

Keeping with our May tradition BC watched somewhere around 5-8 minutes of last night’s Mavs-OKC tilt (Thunder won 106-100). Instead there was some House Hunters (hoping to catch an Extreme Couponing) mixed in with the South Park episode “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson” and then the new show where Tea Baggers take a Fed Ex store hostage. The highlight of the night came when white boy/wigger ‘Playa’ wearing his LeBron James jersey started grabbing his junk and holding a 9mm to heads. Pure comedic genius.

(Sorry for the HD lines, we just shoot the pics off the TV because we’re actually watching some TV instead of taking screencaps off the computer because we don’t spend 19 hours per day in front of this thing.)


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