JJ Barea & Zuleyka Rivera To Marry? What Is He Waiting On? [Photos]


Puerto Ricans, especially Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera, are abuzz today over an innocent interview from WFAA in Dallas with Mavericks guard JJ Barea. Asked whether he’ll be marrying his insanely hot girlfriend, the guard told a reporter “Maybe, we’ll see,” when pressed on his future plans. Look, guys, can a guy of Barea’s stature to any better? This is the mountain we all aspire to climb. It’s the Mount Everest for men, especially tools that wear those stupid Euro knee shorts. Step up, Barea. Pop the question and pray she doesn’t run off with Nowitzki.

Barea had his relationship with Rivera outed back in March and at that point had been dating the pageant queen for 6 months, according to The Big Lead. Quick math puts this relationship in the eight-month range. Add in 9 months for wedding preparations and Barea is looking at 17 to 18 months of work to land this trophy fish.

Time to get moving.

By the way, if you own Euro knee shorts, please stop visiting BC. It’s not a good look. (That photo of Barea teaching hitting lessons was posted a couple months ago. Not a good look, especially with the white kicks.)

[Zuleyka Rivera – Facebook]

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