Dude Blasted With Rubber Bullets & Doesn’t Keep His Bath Salts [Cuff ‘Em]


We’ve been off the bath salts beat for a few weeks only because the goat killings seemed to have subsided. Now we get word that some doper down in Asheville, North Carolina went to the extreme to get his bath salt fix. Wesley Brandon Shelton got a hankering Wednesday & decided it was the best time to bulldoze a stolen car through a convenience store to score a few hits. That’s just where the fun starts.

This is where the Citizen-Times picks up the story:

The bizarre sequence of events began Wednesday afternoon when Wesley Brandon Shelton, 26, of Ox Creek Road, stole a car from a residence near the M&J Food Store at the Interstate 26 Stockton Road exit, Buncombe County sheriff’s Lt. Randy Sorrells said. He said Shelton drove the car from the residence to the convenience store and drove the vehicle through the front door of the business.

Authorities believe that Shelton only stole bath salts, which can be used as a recreational drug, and drove the car back to the residence where he stole the vehicle. He broke into the residence and locked himself in a closet, Sorrells said.

Eventually police went in after this idiot and blasted him with rubber bullets but not before Shelton discharged a 12-gauge shotgun at the fuzz.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in yet another incident where a human goes nuts over a drug that is actually being sold legally. Be on guard, North Carolina. Those hillbillies from Pennsylvania and West Virginia are corrupting your citizens.

[Buncombe County man arrested after standoff and robbery]

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