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Chuck Liddell Going Stand Up With Military Dog At Andrews AFB [Photos]

Chuck Liddell is now well into his post-UFC career, serving as Vice President of Business Development for Dana White’s empire. That meant ‘The Iceman’ got to spend yesterday and this morning trying not to vomit in a cockpit and having a trained dog attack him while wearing a padded dog-bite proof suit.

In town for the Andrews Air Force Base Air Show, Chuck got his shot to lock up with a dog who totally didn’t respect the stand up game from the Jiu-Jitsi master.

Post battle we got this tweet:

Had fun fighting with this dog!

Yesterday Chuck had his shot at riding with a Thunderbirds pilot. “No passing out and no I did not puke. It was a piece of cake. Great time.” Liddell wrote.

He then did the obligatory photo ops, interviews and autographs. Just another day of Dana White sending out his troops to further destroy boxing and NASCAR.

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