Tubby Went To Marlins Game & Saw Naked Hippie Streaker [Video]

The MLB Season Of Weird rolls along and gave us naked hippie dude streaking last night’s Marlins-Cubs tilt in front of what seems to be 8,500 diehards.  As mentioned before on this site, we’ve had an over abundance of weird streakers, foul ball catches, etc. and it’s only May 19. While Astros streaker takes the cake for escape of the year, ganja smoker gets bonus points for going balls to the walls – literally. Video for the ladies – SFW – JUMP!

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Naked Marlins streaker gets tackled by some guy who didn’t really sign up to tackle dongs flapping around right-center.

Climax of Video: Gotta love biggin’ gettin’ her some video for all the Facebook friends. Gonna totally show Cathy that dude’s man bush from the Marlins game. Work conversation!

Conclusion: MLB Man Bush. Keep being crazy, baseball fan. We love you morons.