Omer Asik’s Bulls Jersey Looked Like An O.J. Crime Scene [Morning Twitpic]

Yes, your loyal blogger finished up a Maria Sharapova post late last night, looked at a clock and raced to catch the final five minutes of Bulls-Heat. The timing was perfect because Omer Osik was about to get bludgeoned by Wade in a collision that left the Euro looking like he took a blade to the throat. We give you Dwyane’s sliced forearm if you’re into blood and the NBA.

Of course this incident happened, the Heat went on a 5-0 run and the game was over. That meant BC spent like 10 minutes to see what we needed and then it was time for an Extreme Couponing marathon. Seriously, what are those fat cows going to do with 400 bottles of Vitamin Water and 80 boxes of cereal?

C’mon, people, when do you possibly have enough free peanut butter.

Bulls-Heat is 1-1. Next game is June 17. See ‘ya then.

[HT: @Jose3030]