Kyle Kendrick’s World Series Ring Found In Mentos Container – In Swamp [Cuff ‘Em]

Police are getting closer to busting open the case of some punks in Washington state who broke into Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick’s house and took off with a giant haul of 2008 World Series memorabilia. Tuesday night police pounced on one man who has a history of with law enforcement who just happened to know where the ring was located. Who would have ever thought thieves would place a World Series ring in a Mentos container and hide it in a swamp.

According to

The Snohomish County sheriff’s office, located on the east side of Puget Sound, said that deputies found the ring and returned it to police in Kendrick’s hometown, Mount Vernon, Wash.

Rebecca Hover, a sheriff’s spokeswoman, said in an e-mail Wednesday night: “Our deputies developed information that the ring might be in Snohomish County. On Tuesday night, they contacted a man known to law enforcement. He led them to a swampy area in Bothell [in Snohomish County] where the ring was hidden.”

“The man has not been arrested yet,” Hover said. “Our investigation of possession of stolen property continues. I don’t know the man’s age; he moves around the county quite a bit so I don’t have a city of residence for him, either.”

Fox Sports, via WPVI, says a Mentos container was used to house the ring and that it was on the bottom of the swamp.

Of course this is what piqued our interest. You put the words Mentos, swamp, World Series ring and thieves in the same story and that actually stops us in our tracks.

So how exactly do you keep track where the ring is in the swamp. Tie off fishing line?

Once an arrest has been made we’ll call the sheriff’s office and get the police report. This one is almost too good to be true.