Here Is How Mark Ingram Is Getting Paid During The NFL Lockout

This one goes out to all you dorks who still buy trading cards, specifically the fellas who are into the cards featuring jersey swatches. You might be getting ripped off because Mark Ingram probably won’t wear #80 in the NFL, making the cards that are eventually manufactured from this signing event worthless in our eyes. But, who are we to ruin your fun or tell you what to do with that cash? We just paid $1,525 for Cam Newton’s BCS Championship pants.

According to a Tiger Droppings poster:

Usually they have them wear 80-100 jerseys in a 10 minute period, cut them up, put them in cards and say they are “event worn” from the the jerseys are HUGE so they can shove the crap into more product..but, again, people continue to buy it..

This is actually the first time we’ve ever heard “event worn,” but a quick Google search reveals that there is an entire industry in the memorabilia market dedicated to such nonsense.

Here is a Cam Newton “event worn” trading card.

Then we find Muhammad Ali event-worns and picture some scumbag throwing suit jackets or boxing gloves on a guy who can barely speak a sentence.

It’s a scummy industry and some of you morons keep pumping money into it. Please stop.