Tiffany Company Sponsoring Maria Sharapova’s Earlobes At French Open


Maria Sharapova, coming off a title at the Italian Open, gets rolling this week at the French Open and she’ll actually have a sponsor buying space on her earlobes for the duration of her tournament. Tiffany, the legendary jeweler, has inked a deal which means Sharapova will give up her lobe to the company who’ll (for the French, Wimbledon & U.S. Open) accessorize her ears with $3,200 diamond earrings. What’s the big deal? Not much other than a chance to stare at an ear and think of how blessed an athlete is when a piece of fatty, useless skin is advertising real estate.

Sharapova has been a Tiffany client for a few years and the company hasn’t stopped going to the advertising well even though the Russian has been hurt and knocked out of Grand Slams rather early over the last couple years.

The drop earrings that Ms. Sharapova has selected feature rose-cut diamonds, an early faceting style that resembles the petals of a rose. The diamonds are set in platinum and reflect both the beauty and quality of Tiffany design.

“These earrings sparkle with every movement,” Ms. Sharapova said, “and they are so lightweight which makes them perfect to wear on the court.”

Isn’t that nice, the earrings are lightweight. Not that you’d want a 10-pound dumbbell hanging from the lobe.

While it might seem exotic to have semi-expensive earrings just waiting to get clay between mounts, keep in mind that Rafael Nadal wore a $525,000 watch during last years French.

With that in mind, it seems Sharapova’s lobe is getting ripped off. We’d be renegotiating.

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