Jersey Chasers Deploy Arm/Hand/Mind Drones On Chase Utley [Video]


Our friends at Crossing Broad ran an innocent video yesterday of Chase Utley on a Clearwater, Florida rehab assignment where the MLB All Star was interacting with the locals. Pretty innocent stuff and we almost passed over the video, but then it struck us that this is a great example of Jersey Chasers In The Wild. If you’ve followed BC over the years you know that WAGs and Jersey Chasers provide us with plenty of fodder. But, we rarely see them in action. Rarely see how a Jersey Chaser operates. Never see her deploy the arm/hand/mind drones on a millionaire baller – until now. Video of these ladies in action…JUMP!

Posted: May 16, 2011

Premise of Video: As mentioned, Chase finishes his night 1-for-4 and heads for the showers but not before shaking a few hands. And what do we have here? A couple of local smokeshows get access to the tunnel and deploy munitions.

Climax of Video: Is that blond biting her upper lip?

Conclusion: This is Chase Utley’s wife. We’re pretty sure the Jersey Chasers didn’t realize the guy is doing just fine in the WAG department. But, that rarely stops a Chaser. Just means facing down a challenge like preparing to go out to a club in under 1.5 hours including shower, makeup, shoe choice, etc.

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