WAG Imogen Thomas Gets Gag Order In Outing Futboler Kiss-And-Tell [Photos]

Some in England are saying that a court order preventing Big Brother U.K. reality starlet Imogen Thomas from outing a Premiership futboler for his affair with the Zoo bikini model could be a huge game-changer. According to The Guardian, some lawyers argued it could amount to the death of the tabloid “kiss and tell”. Why this is happening now is unclear, but reports from the U.K. say that Thomas and The Sun are ready to name names, but the 28-year-old player filed an injunction which will prevent such a move. Not surprisingly, the athlete thought that giving Thomas a signed jersey and a ‘please leave me alone’ talking to would keep her quiet. His jersey wasn’t enough and she’s ready to cash in.

According to the Guardian:

Although the position was “by no means clear” (Judge) Eady said the evidence “appeared to suggest” Thomas arranged the two hotel meetings “in collaboration with photographers and/or journalists”.

The player claimed that on 13 April, he texted Thomas to say he might be willing to offer her some money after all. At this point, Thomas is accused of attempting to solicit £100,000 from the player – actions the judge thought could be interpreted as blackmail, although he added: “I cannot come to any final conclusion about it at this stage.”

The next day, an account of a sexual relationship between Thomas and an unidentified footballer appeared in the Sun, prompting the request for an injunction to stop his identity being revealed.

So what does this all mean to sport and the WAGs who provide us with so much content and fun? It means that the ladies can say they’ve had relationships but not name the guy who’s cheating on his wife.


How big is this story in the U.K.? 4 of the 5 most read stories on The Guardian today are related to the Thomas case.