Tim Tebow Virginity Tracker: The Jockey Chick [Photos]

Tim Tebow was in New York City over the weekend at Macy’s doing work for his Jockey sponsorship deal, which meant event organizers had the chance to throw a model in her underwear onto a stage with Mr. Virginity. Guys, we’ve tracked this guy hanging with chicks and this is the very first photo of Tebow with a chick showing this much skin in the last two years. Imagine that for a second. Not a single public image of this dude with a bikini chick or even a woman in a short skirt. Of course this guy takes his virginity seriously. Step back, ladies, this guy is playing hard to get.

On February 3, 2009 Busted Coverage posted “Photos of Tim Tebow And Bikini Chicks,” which was a feature on all things Tebow-college-pool parties-ladies.

That was the last time, until Jockey Chick, that this guy has been photographed with feminine skin from the waist down. In this age of Twitpics, Yfrogs and TMZ that’s a major accomplishment.

There was even his April vacation in the Bahamas and dude is shirtless with some high schooler from Ohio, throwing the football around some resort.

Maybe our sleuths, whom we consider the best in the industry missed a pic and you want to tip us off to images that should be published. Be our guest.