She’s Probably Not Making 2011 Cowboys Cheerleader Roster [Photos]

Wait just a minute, honey, who told you it was a good idea to subject yourself to a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader tryout over the weekend? Those aren’t your friends. Are you serious? Did you not have something better to do with a Saturday besides waste an afternoon? Look, we totally understand the ‘living a dream’ scenario but this is just irresponsible because now you’re about to go viral across the Internet because there are hundreds of thousands of white guys just waiting to rip on some woman living her tryout dream. Take this summer and lose 85. Come back stronger in 2012.

The fine folks at 33 KDAF Dallas-Ft. Worth sent a photographer to the tryout and told him to go nuts. The resulting photo dump is in the 350 pic region and includes several shots of one of the most out-of-place NFL cheerleader hopefuls you’ll ever see.