Photos: Troy Polamalu Cut His Hair For USC Graduation? [Morning Twitpic]

It’s one of the great mysteries in graduation cap history. How is it even remotely possible for Troy Polamalu to stuff that Samoan ‘fro under the cap without cutting those million dollar locks? “I’m officially a USC graduate!” he wrote over the weekend on his website. “The majority of top picks in the NFL get drafted before they complete their college education. I truly love football, and it’s such an immense blessing and privilege as an athlete to be given the rare opportunity to use those talents at the highest professional level, but it’s certainly not a replacement for an education.” Yeah, but what about the hair. Men, women and children want confirmation you didn’t cut the hair.

We’ve been tracking Polamalu-related tweets over the weekend without a firm confirmation that the Steelers’ safety cut his mane without much besides wild speculation.

A Google Alert has been set. Stay tuned.

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