Bay To Breakers 2011 Includes Guy Falling Off Roof; 20+ Arrested [Cuff ‘Em]

Think of the San Franciso Bay To Breakers race as a cross between an Undie Run, a Halloween costume party, a raging kegger and a freak show all rolled into one giant party with 110,000 of your closest friends. Of course there are going to be arrests. Of course there are going to be crazies falling off balconies. Of course there is going to be the usual nudity. This weekend the cops took their giant boots and tried to crush the fun by yanking beers out of hands and shutting down a woman passing out Jell-O shots to racers. Drunk haters!

According to the San Francisco Examiner, the fuzz are trying to end the party with a variety of maneuvers.

Police sobriety checkpoints appeared to work, Andraychak said, and officers were observed snatching beers out of the hands of participants and pouring them into storm drains. Police stopped one woman tossing Jell-O shots to the crowd at Fillmore.

A motorized cart was taken off the course as a hazard to the runners, and an unpermitted band that used a wooden platform to carry up to eight people was removed from the race.

Elsewhere on the course, six other runners were transported to hospitals after some sort of spill, Andraychak said.

Six people also were arrested for public intoxication. Andraychak said the group was not permitted to enter the “voluntary sobering tent” because they were uncooperative.

A total of 17 people — two women and 15 men — were arrested for intoxication throughout the day.

How cool is the Bay To Breakers? This cool.
One resident of Page Street said she took a spray bottle to people urinating near her doorstep.
As for the guy who fell off a roof, he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.