Ochocinco Bull Riding Video & Photos; Bull Fighting Next?

The self-marketing genius of Chad Ochocinco Johnson was on display last night in Duluth, Ga. where the Cincinnati Bengals WR kept his word and got on a bull during a PBR event. A helmeted Cinco lasted 1.5 seconds on Deja Blu before being thrown off, but that was good enough for a $10k check and a truck that he promises will be given away to someone deserving. This brings to question what could possibly be next for the Ocho circus? May we suggest bull fighting.

According to the Associated Press:

Ochocinco said he did not speak with Cincinnati coaches when the NFL lockout was briefly lifted in late April. He is under contract with the Bengals but is likely either to be released or told to take a hefty pay cut now that Cincinnati has drafted A.J. Green.

Ochocinco acknowledged that the Bengals probably weren’t pleased that he was risking a career-threatening injury.

“I’m sure my coach was probably [upset],” Ochocinco said. “I mean, I would be, too. I’m sure the NFL is [upset], but I don’t follow their rules anyway.”

Always the showman, Cinco took plenty of questions from regular Schmo’s on Twitter pre-ride about his strategy and one stood out.

Never rode a bull but i’m a pro in bed,transfer weight n hold tight. RT @Nick_Eustaquio: @ochocinco Have you ever even rode a bull before?

Which brings us to bull fighting. 30 seconds in the ring. Someone out there must be able to throw together $500k or so to make this happen.