Can This Gorilla In The Natty Light Mist Save UFC’s Heavyweight Division?

So, yeah, this video has been making its rounds over the last week and a half, even getting the Barstool Sports logo treatment yesterday. That’s where it first came to our attention, but they grab our stuff here and there so this ASU Undie Run video is fair game, minus the logo stamping.

Fellas, you have to see this mastodon get drilled twice, including a sucker punch that drops this 7-footer like a brick off a 12-story building. But…this gorilla in the Natty Light mist gets to his feet as if nothing even happened. Hence our question: Can this crazy monster save the UFC heavyweight division?

Posted: May 4, 2011

Premise of Video: ASU is considered America’s biggest BCS party school, no matter what those stupid U.S. News & World Report rankings or whatever other dumb publication says. This school might as well not even hand out any degree other than Keg Repairman associate certificates. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you get our drift. Somehow this giant beast in the blue shirt gets mixed up with a bunch of tatted thug future Scottsdale bartenders.

Climax of Video: Mastodon encourages these martini makers to punch him. If we could read lips through horrible pixelation, the translation would go something like, “I take punches for the fun of it,” even though Blue Man looks like he reads Harry Potter books. Well, a mix master decides to take a running start and drill Blue Man with a sucker punch. Yep, it drops the sequoia.

Conclusion: By the end of the video Blue Man is on his feet as if nothing even happened. Guys, this is serious. Dana White might have just found his next stud. That dude has to be at least 6-11, 280 with legs that look like whales attacked to telephone poles. And look at how the martini mixers, at the beginning, back away like they’ve never seen such a huge man. Someone please tell us who Blue Man is. Email us. Tweet us. Whatever. NOW.