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St. Paul Saints Reveal New Mascot Justin Bieboar & ARod Cookbook Pic [Daily Dump]

Welcome to our very first try with the Daily Dump under the new theme. We’re still working out the kinks, but this space will still bring you the best damn sports/celeb/humor links on the Internet. This franchise, the Daily Dump, remains our baby.

If you have a link that’s worthy of our pageviews, send it in.

[Sportress] – The Justin Bieber baseball mascot you have to see
[BroBible] – Agnieska Motiejunaite. Model. You know the rest of the story.
[Crossing Broad] – ARod cracking nuts for a cookbook? We’re serious.
[Guyism] – Tiger pulling out yesterday led to this tongue slip
[CelebSlam] – Jessica Alba vs. Cabo
[Big Lead] – Revolutionary idea…UFCers to receive Twitter bonuses
[SB Nation] – Rory McIlroy getting bombed on Jager (Pic)
[Moe Jackson] – Your Maxim Hot 100 Party Pic Roundup
[Uncoached] – The Chargers Girls tryouts are always a BC favorite
[Coed] – Hottest Ladies Of Hotwire! Buy a room & get a date?

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