Introducing The New Busted Coverage: Facelift Time!

Scratching your eyes this morning trying to figure out if you’re still hallucinating after a rough night of pounding vodka and watching the Celtics get knocked out of the NBA playoffs? You aren’t. Busted Coverage is back with a new look, the same writer (s), a team of techies and a rejuvenation that will keep this site as a major player in the sports/men’s entertainment marketplace.

Last week we announced Busted Coverage had been sold to the Coed Media Group, the parent of Coed Magazine and Today, BC officially joins the family with the famous Coed look and functionality.

Emailers have complained about the old photo galleries and the inability to see pics without hassles. Those days are gone. Our gallery function will be one of the best in the market. You want 387 Erin Andrews photos? We can do it and you can look at all of them on your lunch break and have time to polish off that burger.

Gone, too, are the days of giant 900 pixel deep images causing crazy load times. The new BC, hosted through WordPress VIP is blazing fast – and stable. The days of hosting issues and 503 errors are hopefully behind us.

The posting format will remain with a few changes – for the better. We’ll open the day with a Twitpic, the Daily Dump and a Cuff ‘Em. The rest of the day will be the usual craziness that made BC what it is today. We’ll still show you chicks. We’ll still show you Phillies fan dropping Mets fan with one punch. The edge isn’t going anywhere.

Uncle Jay Koot (that’s me) will still be at the helm. Kevin the Intern will have a presence. Joe Student keeps the 5 Questions interview job and Mac will compile the crazy, zany Daily WTF.

What we ask for is your patience with this conversion. There will be hiccups. It’s unavoidable when there are nearly 7,500 posts, many thousands of images and years of work to be converted to a new theme.

Tell us what’s working and what’s not. As always, we remain committed to keeping an open dialogue with you.

[email protected]

Onward we march.


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Daily Dump: H.S. BBall Star Signs $750K Deal In Italy, Wizards’ Dancers New Outfits
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