Facebook Photos: Angela Rypien Is A Lingerie Football QB [Updated]


So our initial post and photos of Angela Rypien have started to make their rounds on the Internet and the story of Mark Rypien’s daughter joining the Lingerie Football League has even made it to the Washington Post.

Time for a follow-up story!

Putting in our due diligence, BC editors went to work looking for more info and tidbits on the Rypien QB dynasty, especially more photos since our first batch were kinda boring. What we found was that Rypien, like any good leader, has been building personal relationships with her teammates at a variety of functions repping the Mist.

The real preparation for the Mist QB job began, according to Facebook postings, back in mid-February, with Mark even observing practices where he gave his daughter gunslinger tips. On March 30, Angela boasted “It doesn’t get much better than having a Super Bowl MVP Quarterback as my QB coach ;) haha.”

The rest of the LFL is officially on notice.

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