NBA Back Tattoos & Andrei Kirilenko’s New Ink [Photos]

Andrei Kirilenko used to be best known as the only openly allowed member of the NBA to enjoy a single night of cheating on his wife per year, but will now be recognized for the giant back tattoo he revealed to the world yesterday. AK47 went scorched Earth on his back with some crazy comic book art that will surely keep Mormons away from his wife while they enjoy a nice day in the sun. Of course the bloggers, fans, media all went nuts because it’s a white guy getting a tat like that and it’s just not something white America is used to from their NBAers. Unless they are black.

Since AK didn’t just get some sort of tramp stamp this should garner him some serious street cred from the NBA circles.

Here is the guy responsible for that AK tat in case you want to rush out and get a duplicate.