YouTube Legend 9-Year-Old Pretty Boy Bam Bam To Make World Boxing Debut June 11

We asked Saturday for a boxer to follow now that boxing has become just Pacquiao/Mayweather and a bunch of scrubs in the heavyweight division.

Enter Busted Coverage tipster Keith In The D (we assume Detroit) who wanted us to know that YouTube legend Pretty Boy Bam Bam is now 9-years-old and prepping for his world boxing debut against some other kid who’s career could be in jeopardy after facing the pint-sized pugilist.

June 11. Toledo, Ohio. Bam Bam is headlining the card. $20 tickets.

At least one newspaper outlet has picked up on this boxing news and to say this is going to send shockwaves through the sport is an understatement.

According to the Toledo Blade:

Per USA boxing rules, one must celebrate his or her eighth birthday before being ruled eligible to compete in a boxing match. Bam Bam turned 9 in September, so his debut is coming later than many anticipated.

“I’ve been asking my dad, can I fight? Can I fight?” said Bam Bam, a third grader and honor student at Toledo Christian.

The answer to that question, initially, was no. Upon viewing the skills of other fighters his son’s age, one’s from high profile gyms in other cities with an abundance of sparring partners and coaches with a wealth of knowledge, Lawrence concluded Bam Bam was ill prepared for a fight. The Lawrences visited a gym in Detroit, and even though Bam Bam hung tough with his sparring partners, it was apparent to Lawrence “he needed a little more training.”

Since his original video debuted in 2007, minus a couple of spots on Ellen, ESPN & Fox Sports, Bam Bam has been relatively quiet on the Internet. There was also the Ludacris video two years ago but that’s it from the Lawrences.

Maybe the family has been busy in the studio because you can purchase Bam Bam’s single, It’s Gonna Get Easier on Amazon for just 99¢.

Whatever the case for the lack of boxing action, it’s time for Bam Bam to destroy an opponent. At this point anything less than a 2-3 round KO will likely be a disappointment – in our eyes.

How big is the promotion behind the Bam Bam June 11 fight? His camp is even reaching out to LeBron James to sponsor kids to come and see the boxer put on a show. No word from the LeBron camp as of press time. It’s not just James who Bam’s handlers have spammed on Twitter. His reps are pretty much begging anyone to notice their meal ticket.

Of course this is going to be a spectacle and we’ll have a special correspondent at the show to document this huge moment in Internet history. Can a kid who could light it up in practice grow into a champion?

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