Erin Andrews Derby Hat Wins Most Obnoxious Derby Hat Of The Year Award


At first we were like, “Wow, Tom Brady’s hat was by far the dumbest thing at the 2011 Kentucky Derby,” and then Erin Andrews uploaded a photo of herself nearly decapitating John Calipari with this giant flying saucer brim.

Kudos to Pageviews for attending Saturday’s festivities and pretty much guaranteeing that this photo will be published by every sports blog on the planet.

Look, hun, when the dude has to crane his neck because the hat is scraping his perfectly gelled hair, the hat is a giant mistake.

At least Pageviews had a sense of humor about her fashion mistake, tweeting, “Sorry Kentucky bball fans..I almost hurt @UKCoachCalipari w/ this derby lid!!”

Even the New York Daily News is sorta attacking her lid preparation.

Erin Andrews avoided a hat calamity at the Kentucky Derby. When the ESPN correspondent had trouble finding a hat to wear for the race — tradition frowns upon going without one — she contacted Andre Wilson, CEO of image-development company Style Icon for help. Wilson not only found a chapeau for Andrews, he styled her, too.

Let this be a lesson to future sideline reporters who’ll eventually succeed EA and have yet to hob knob at the Derby. Hats that could be used as coffee tables are not good.

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