5 Questions: Playboy Cyber Girl Bethanie Badertscher Talks Sports, N.E. Patriots Not Hitting On Her


Welcome to the old, but new “5 Questions With Busted Coverage.”

It’s our feature where actual celebrities, members of the elite media, athletes, strippers, etc. chat with our gaggle of reporters. Yes, we do get the chance to rap with famous people and figure you’d enjoy the questions we throw their way.

Busted Coverage “5 Questions” Editor Joseph Student took time out of his busy schedule to file this report from an interview with big Boston sports fan and Playboy bartender chick Bethanie Badertscher about all things bars & sports.

(Yes, we asked extra questions.)

Guys, you have no shot with Bethanie Badertscher., Playboy.com’s 2011 Cyber Girl of the Year: she’s smart, hot and she probably knows lagers, porters and ales better than you do.

Dude, you can’t even pronounce her last name.

Badertscher (that’s BAH-der-sure to you and Bethanie to us at BC) was born in Tucson, Arizona, where she currently bartends at Four Peaks Brewery. Badertscher  lived in Boston for a few years where she was given a crash course in Boston sports while she ‘tended at Whiskey’s in the Back Bay and studied comp sci at UMass.

Debuting as the Barmate in Playboy magazine’s August 2010 issue, Badertscher has been the Cyber Girl of the Week (Feb. ’10), the Month (June ’10) and now the Year of 2011.

She told us about sports, beer and how to get her number.

You have bartended in both Boston and Tuscon. As hot as you are, you can’t have two allegiances, so which teams do you root for, and what are the differences between the cities?

Arizona is my home, but when you live in Boston you are, by default, a Red Sox and Celtics fan. But, I always rooted for the Suns when they were playing the Celtics. Red Sox fans were amazing; they were very loyal and Fenway is awesome. I totally get why they love it.

The weather is the biggest difference, but so are the accents. I used the word ‘wicked’  like everyone; it’s something everyone just did for everything. People (in Arizona) make fun of me for it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘I’m gunna pock the caw’… I also didn’t realize the expression ‘I’m all set’ was an East Coast thing only.

Boston has a rep for being sports crazy. How are the fans different than Arizona fans?

(Whiskey’s) was really close to Fenway, so people would just come down to be close to the stadium for the games. There would be a ton of people inside the bar an hour before the game starts, then no one would drink for, like, three hours  because they were so focused on the game on TV. It was crazy.

Did that kill your tips?

It all evens out. They’d drink more early and then after the game — if they won — they’d celebrate and spend more. You’d see giant tabs. You could also be a little bit more sassy at a sports bar when the dirty old men start saying talking nasty to you.

Have you ever had any pro athletes or celebrities stop in while you were behind the bar? If so, whom, and did they flirt with you?

A few Patriots players came in one time and a few Bruins would come in from time to time. They weren’t hitting on me though; they were flirting with the cocktail waitresses. …They could walk by and I wouldn’t know who they were unless someone told me.

Hitting on the bartender is  pretty cliche. What approach does work with you? What if they spell your last name correctly on the first try?

(Laughs) It’s all about being clever. I have heard every line in the book. The best pick-up technique – well, it worked, anyway – was what this one guy did:

He was at the bar for a while when I was super busy. He tipped appropriately: never too much and never too little. I came by to check on him  and he had a napkin folded in half. I thought ‘it’s going to be some silly message or his number.’

Instead, he had drawn a tic-tac-toe (grid) and just had ‘Your move’ written on it.  It was so stupid, but I laughed and thought it was so cute. So we played tic-tac-toe for abut 30 minutes while I was working. When he was leaving he said ‘Can I get your number?’ and I said ‘Absolutely!’.. We never did wind up going out, but I did give him my number. Clever works with me.

As the 2011 Cyber Girl of the Year, online visitors to Playboy.com will be, uh, looking at you naked for months. Have any of them come into your bar area and have you /would you ever bartend naked?

Bartending naked sounds really messy. …But sure. Why not? My regulars have seen the pictures in Playboy.

Is that uncomfortable?

It’s not weird. They are polite about it. The (Four Peaks) brewery I work at now is a small place and off the beaten path, so no one has shown up specifically to see me. Yet.

You were elected by popular vote. What tips do you have for athletes who want to be all-stars to get out the online vote?

Be active on online forums and communicate with your demographic. Since the first (playboy) casting calls I did, I made sure that people knew they could vote for me and stayed active on social media. And, be nice; that helps.

What’s your go-to drink?

It depends on how hard a day it has been. I have been drinking scotch lately: Makers (Mark) and soda. If it’s a shot, then I drink tequila or Jameson.

Can you tell what type of drink someone is going to have before they order, and is any drink order a turn-off?

I can’t tell. The male bartenders are a lot better at it than I am, but we do guess sometimes.

We have an ongoing joke at the brewery. We are currently pouring an Arizona Peach Ale. It’s good, but it’s the fruitiest beer we have on tap. So when a guy comes in and orders the ‘Peach Ale,’ it’s like: ‘Really? All these beers and you’re going to go with the peach beer? You’re drinking a beer, man. Have a beer.’

New photos of Bethanie Badertscher, the 2011 Playboy.com Cyber Girl of the Year,
will be featured in the Playboy Cyber Club for the next 12 months. To view a video of Bethanie, click here.  Follow her (without legal consequence) on Twitter and Facebook.

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