The Best Feet At The 2011 Jets Flight Crew Tryouts

For some reason the New York Jets decided to close yesterday’s Flight Crew tryout finals to the public. The only logical reason was to protect @KateUpton, serving as a guest judge, from the throngs of nutty Jersey men.

Since there was an online media blackout of the event we’re busy this weekend sleuthing for anything we can get our hands on. One photo, so far, stands out because one contestant seemed to be playing right into hands of Rex Ryan.

@DarrenRovell sent out this image late yesterday afternoon and it’s still one of the only photos, minus Upton’s Twitpics, out there.

While other teams have turned NFL cheerleader tryouts into spectacles, the Jets literally turned yesterday into a complete snoozer for the viewing public.

Don’t go out and secure Upton’s voting abilities and not give us something. You should have an intern email blasting us bloggers who publicize such events. Let a few of us in. Something. The readers are starting to beat on our doors begging for content.

If you are an insider who was at the Jets’ Flight Crew finals and want to disobey the photo embargo, email us.

[email protected]

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That Chick Behind Rondo Is Jessica Klapman?
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