That Chick Behind Rondo Is Jessica Klapman?

The big question last night after the Celtics got back into their series with the Heat was “Who is that chick behind Rondo,” as seen during his post-game on court presser.

@CStanley2 was so frazzled and interested that he even tweeted us with the challenge of naming the blond. It took us all of 2-3 searches and a name was on our screen and her Facebook page in front of our faces.

Is it the correct name? That’s where you guys put the final touches on yet another puzzling challenge.

According to some message boarders, that chick is none other than Jessica Klapman, who with her sister make up one of the better 1-2 punches on the Boston society circuit.

Here is the obligatory Facebook page so you guys can go and pretend to be her friend.

The only part of this story that doesn’t add up is that the supposed Klapman chick is wearing Miami Heat red. What’s that all about?

The message boarder could be wrong so if you have any other leads, pass them along.