Video: Vancouver Green Men Make Nicole Kidman Blush

So Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman try to take in a Nashville Predators-Vancouver Canucks game last night and guess who’s busting balls at the Urban suite? Two dudes who are way more entertaining than this 3-1 series that Vancouver will wrap up back home Saturday night.

At first we were like, ‘Yeah, just another Green Men doing something stupid,’ video and then the above screencap stopped us in our tracks. Who invited Pippa Middleton to Canucks-Preds Game 4?

And let’s be honest here, if Kidman doesn’t have f-you money she’s #4 in this lineup, right? Big mouth and the blond have party written all over their faces while Casper must be a huge drag.

$100 says Urban’s tagging #1 and that would be a brilliant move because (a.) she’s a darker shade of a white wall and (b.) she’s likely not a huge pain in the ass like that wife of his.

Video…Jump…Kidman turning into a chameleon…Green Men workin’ it.

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