NFL Cheerleader Spring Training: Insider Look At New Orleans Saintsations Weekend In Florida


Earlier this week the New Orleans Saints announced a new crop of cheerleaders who’ll either be cheering for Drew Brees and Mark Ingram or a bunch of scrubs scooped up from Louisiana Tech and Tulane serving as NFL fill-ins.

It’s our hope cooler heads prevail, a deal is struck and we get back to football.

The cheerleading units are moving ahead as if the season is on and there isn’t a lockout on the ladies side. In fact, many units are busy preparing to jet off to an exotic locale to shoot a bikini calendar. There are also plans being made for cheerleader spring training camps, where the ladies get on a plane, head somewhere sunny and team build.

Take the Saintsations as our example unit. Here are the ladies, in 2010 visiting Destin, Fla., giving us an insider look at how NFL cheerleaders build team spirit, bond and compare war stories.

Someone get Goodell, Mawae, that union attorney, some jersey chasers and send them to Cancun. Plane doesn’t leave until a deal is struck or until the alcohol runs out on the Mexican coast.

Inside An NFL Cheerleader Team Bonding Spring Training Camp! Gallery!

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