Tweet War! Urban Meyer's Daughter Gigi Goes To Battle With ESPN, Buckeye Nation Over Her Father

Once again one of Urban Meyer’s daughters, Gigi or Nikki, have lashed out via Twitter at one of the evil empires that continue to lust after their father – Ohio State and ESPN.

Last night, Gigi went after ESPN in a tweet focusing on the lack of time her father has spent at home since taking a deal with the WWL in late January.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve seen one of the daughters let the world know their feelings about dad and his football career. Whether it’s the Disney giant or Ohio Staters, these girls have no problem mixing it up on Twitter.

Tweet WAR!

Some background: Gigi is finishing up her Senior year of high school and will go to school at Florida Gulf Coast where she’ll play on the volleyball team. Daughter Nikki goes to Georgia Tech and also plays volleyball.

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