NBA Playoffs Update: Bulls Even Series…But You Guys Saw That On ESPN…So Instead We'll Show You This Bull Destroying Some Red Sox Fan


The Bulls got a victory at home last night over the Atlanta Hawks to even the Eastern Conference series, 1-1, with an 86-73 sleeper in Chicago. That’s right, 73 points in an NBA game and only 15 in the 4th quarter.

Ok, that’ll be enough stupid actual sports reporting from us for the rest of the day.

Who wants to watch this bull destroy some moron running around an arena? Maybe the video is old, but we haven’t seen it. ENJOY! (Male butt.)

Posted: April 30, 2011

Premise of Video: This video was probably ripped off from the original YouTube poster because we get absolutely no details from the vlogger. Let’s just say this is from Mexican television’s version of Funniest Home Videos.

Climax of Video: Look at the precision by which the bull finds an open spot in those pants and flips that dude in the air. So damn impressive.

Conclusion: +1 to the bull.

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