Morning Twitpic-age: ESPN Camera Can’t Avoid Skippy & His LeBron Shirt With All 25 People Left To Watch Sox Lose In 13 At 2:45 A.M.


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We like this guy. Why?

Because he pays our bills each month. He’s always checkin’ his Blackberry for updates on his teams. He’s always searching for hot chicks while sitting at home – not working – and mooching off his parents. Folks, this guy is like our dream. We throw up a photo of Yankees fan acting like a huge douche and this guy is Facebooking our link to his other out of work loser friends.

BC is blessed to have an audience that keeps on giving. Don’t stop guys. Our bank account depends on you.

Sox lose in 13 to the Angels. Ho hum. It’s early May. Cinco de Mayo time.

[HT: @FB23theSFG]

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