Video: Red Sox Fan Climbs Light Pole & Does Pull-Up Stunt While Crowd Waits For Him To Crash To His Death


Over the years Busted Coverage has dealt with all sorts of morons doing a variety of stupid stunts that prove they’ll never marry, have kids or have a clean driving record. And then Red Sox fan went and proved that he’s dumber than anyone who’s ever had the distinction of appearing on this site.

You are about to see Sox fan climb this light pole and do pull ups on the arm of the pole. It’s a feat of great proportions and is very worthy of your company’s bandwidth.

Posted: May 1, 2011

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “I enjoy watching the Sox fans coming home from games all the time, but this guy stole the lime light when he climbed the lamppost a few blocks away from the fenway park stadium.”

Climax of Video: A climax would have been the dude falling to his death, but thankfully that never happened because YouTube would have deep-sixed this video by now.

Conclusion: How many beers does it take before you’re willing to climb a pull and have a 90% chance of falling to your death?

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