Morning Twitpic-age: Here Is Chris Berman With Leather Boots & Her Friends At Pebble Beach


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We’re not sure when this was taken, but it was posted to Twitpic a day ago and whenever Berman is hanging with a chick wearing anything leather, BC takes notice.

The origin of the Chris Berman and “With Leather” phenomenon.

An anonymous contributor to Deadspin, whom the site editor Will Leitch called “a respected journalist,” claimed that in the mid-1990s, a friend of his was flirting in a bar with an attractive woman wearing leather pants and holding a leather jacket. However, his efforts proved unsuccessful when Berman, who was in Scottsdale, Arizona to cover baseball spring training, walked by and told the woman “You’re with me, leather.” The woman immediately got up and left the bar with Berman.

[HT: @Adyrol]

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