Bianca Cruz Is Mets OF Jason Pridie’s Girlfriend & Just Might Be Hottest WAG In New York


We happened upon a Twitter post from @BradHoovernyc who wrote last night, “Watching #Mets. [Mets broadcaster Gary Thorne] said Jason Pridie talks baseball w/ his ex-softball playing gf Bianca Cruz after games. Sure Gary.”

Then Brad linked to a post from way back in 2009 where we introduced the world to Bianca Cruz, a former Arizona State softballer turned model with giant boobs.

Little did we know back in those days that Cruz was dating a then-Minnesota Twins farmhand Jason Pridie, who was called up to the Mets on April 22 and is now the starting center fielder. Dude is only batting .267, but at least brings a conversation piece to the city.

Adjust your rankings accordingly, NYC.

[Jason Pridie Career Numbers – Baseball Statistics]

Something To Keep Gary Thorne Busy During Mets’ Broadcasts! Gallery!

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