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39 Photos: Great Decadent Moments In Kentucky Derby Infield History

Just another day or so and once again the infield at the Kentucky Derby will become home to one of the most intense concentrations of drunks at a sporting event you’ll ever see.

Over the years we’ve chronicled the madness via video and photo but have never compiled our greatest photos list until this year. The BC editors take this seriously. The Kentucky Derby infield action is our baby. It’s like we were made for one another. The women. The booze. The fights. The Port-O-Potty runs. The drunks passed out at 2 p.m.

Things get ramped up Friday with the running of the Oaks (which we hear is a diamond-in-the-rough party) and climaxes Saturday with the 137th Kentucky Derby.

39 Great Decadent Moments In Kentucky Derby Infield History – PHOTOS!

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