Video: Red Sox Streaker Form Tackled By Security In Tedy Bruschi Fashion


Our friends at Guyism this morning alerted us to the fact that some moron Red Sox fan (those look like Jorts) decided to go streaking last night during the Sox-Angels game.

What could have been a normal run around the outfield turned into one of the classic moments in “Security Destroying Streaker History.”

If you hate Red Sox fan and love to see them driven into turf, you’re going to love this.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: We think, from the start of the video, that the guy recording and the streaker might have hatched this plan. Could be wrong, but pretty sure that empty seat is where drunk streaker dude should be sitting.

Climax of Video: BOOM! Security guy full blast right into streaker’s guy’s ribs.

Conclusion: Your move, Phillies fan.

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