Photos: Tom Brady’s Greasy Hair At Costume Institute MET Gala From Multiple Angles

It’s one of the hottest topics today on People Magazine, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Tom Brady’s hair was on display last night at the Costume Institute Met Royal Gala in New York City and dorkwads are going nuts on Twitter screaming about how he should cut his Euro futbol hair. Gisele went so far as to tell People “I love him no matter what — short, bald, fat.” Whatever.

Normally we wouldn’t waste our time with such a gallery but Brades happened to drop a hand on the wife’s butt, which became an instant office favorite. And you and the guys in your office can debate whether Gisele is even hot anymore.

Someone get her a burger.

Gisele & Brades Met Costume Gala BC Gallery! Clicky!

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