Photos: Alexa Flutie Is A New England Patriots Cheerleader

Sometimes the sports blogosphere is amazingly behind on huge stories that’ll instantly cause a huge stir amongst men 18-58 who follow the NFL.

Way back on April 20 the New England Patriots announced its 2011 cheerleading roster and a name on that list was Alexa Flutie.

According to the Patriots release:

The 75 finalists began the day with a written quiz on football and then lined up for the swimsuit modeling round. The dance category was next which included kicks, splits, three rounds of dance and an optional tumbling segment. Before tabulations were made, candidates were paired up for a meet and greet session with the judging panel. By the end of the day, 41 ladies were chosen to participate in a two week boot camp program. Learning dance choreography and cheer/chants, practicing high kicks, stretching, running the ramps at Gillette Stadium, participating in high intensity “Insanity” workouts, and participating in public speaking drills, the finalists learned exactly what it would be like to be a member of the Patriots Cheerleading Squad.

Yep, that Flutie. The same Alexa Flutie who was once recorded riding a bull and also Miss Massachusetts 2010. This chick has trouble written all over her but you didn’t hear that from us. All you had to do was look at her Twitter account. F-bombs. Hanging out with the Bon Jovi guys. Googling herself. In other words, we’re huge fans because she’s going to leave a trail of possible posts once this cheerleader gig gets rolling. Swimsuit calendar!

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