Video: Caps Fan Middle Fingers Vincent Lecavlier After Game-Winning Goal Yesterday In D.C.


You want to know what really hurts in the NHL playoffs? Going 0-for-11 on the power play and being down 2-0 with the first two games of the series on your home ice.

You know how you show your displeasure after Vincent Lecavlier drops a game winner on you? Middle finger. On national TV. In Vincent’s Canadian face.

Posted: Last night as soon as these bros could upload it

Premise of Video: “Vincent Lecavalier scores game winning overtime goal in Caps/Lightning Stanley Cup Playoffs round 2, game 2, May 1, 2011.”

Climax of Video: Perfect slow-mo. Perfect form on the middle finger. Perfect camera angle. Great anger.

Conclusion: Caps fans can probably start making plans to watch Presidential races at a few Nats games in the coming weeks. This series is history.


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