Photos: UFC Fighter Mark Hominick’s Face After Last Night’s Battle With Jose Aldo

UFC 129 invaded Toronto last night with a headliner of GSP vs. Jake Shields, and while that one was a sleeper, the fight of the night had to be Jose Aldo putting a beating on the face of Mark Hominick.

Yep, the photos look bad, but the guy didn’t tap and just found himself the hero to millions of fight fans around the world. Dude even got out of bed this morning and went back to work on Twitter, telling fans that “I am fine, little swollen (of course) but hungry to go back, get stronger and build back!”

Hominick was even asking for another fight early this morning. How much was it worth to have his face beat in? $129,000. That was his Fight of the Night bonus. By comparison, ARod makes approximately $45k per at-bat. And baseball wonders why it’s losing attendance and viewership.

[UFC 129 Fight Bonuses – FightLine]

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