The Afternoon Dump: Megan Fox’s New Photos, Fishing Babe Ana Beatriz Barros, Ladies In Lingerie, Sexy Blogger Cameron Russell, Gymanstics FAIL, Baltimore Got Screwed, & Celtics vs. Heat


Showa Day is one excellent day for all of mankind.

Sorry for no Click-A-Chick.

Afternoon Dump

[Popoholic] – Megan Fox’s sexy new Passion Play photos
[HQ-Celebrity] – Ana Beatriz Barros caught a fish and does it sexily
[Guyism] – Kat Dennings pics are quite excellent
[Regretful Morning] – Caitlynn B has some sexy abs
[Linkiest] – Hot ladies in lingerie
[unathletic] – Hooray for Rachel Hunter
[Next Round] – Cameron Russell is a stellar blogger and model!
[Holy Taco] – Holly Willoughby is a classic hottie
[The Daily What] – Wow this girl is crazy for teasing a cheetah
[Totally Crap] – Gymnastics FAIL
[Yardbarker] – Bears messed up Baltimore’s pick
[The Hoops Doctor] – Celtics vs. Heat: let’s get ready to rumble

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