Ryan Mallett Draft Party Photos: Ryan Relaxes With Virtual Golf, Eats Some Catfish, Chats With Family & Never Gets Drafted!

There was a party for Ryan Mallett last night down in Arkansas that probably shouldn’t have happened.

Someone obviously forgot to tell Mallett that just a couple days ago it was know-it-all Mel Kiper who predicted that the Hogs’ gunslinger could fall all the way to the 4th round of the 2011 Draft. Instead of going into conservative mode and hanging with a couple family members, the Mallett clan invited at least one local media member into their house to document the QBs collapse. That media member, Adam Alter from KNWA, had a camera with him to document the action.

Um, it wasn’t pretty, but the fried catfish and his Mallett’s girlfriend looked damn good.

Relaxing in the deer/duck mount room while sCam Newton goes to the Panthers.

The news this morning for Mallett is that Cincinnati (yeah, go ahead and laugh) could use their early second-round pick on the 6’7 giant or ginger Andy Dalton.

So all is not lost – yet.

Remain calm, Mallett family. At least you’ll get two parties out of this mess. Somebody light up a bong and get this party started!

Someone is a little edgy & could use a blunt

Yes, that is an antler chandelier

Catfish & hushpuppies – leftovers for tonight!

[email protected] with details on his chick, please!

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