Photo: Dominique White Is Anthony Castonzo’s Girlfriend

You guys are going nuts over the hot chicks at the NFL Draft and Anthony Castonzo’s girlfriend shined as the Colts made the Boston College OL their pick at #22.

We’ve pegged Dominique White as his lady and she has a small Internet presence via Twitter.

Screencaps & curly hair, after the jump!

Castonzo credits White for getting him on Twitter.

I’m on Twitter, but I wouldn’t say I eat it up by any means. Basically, all my friends and my girlfriend kept telling me you have to get on Twitter, you have to get on Twitter! I kept telling them that I don’t want to because I don’t really think people care what is on my mind at any specific time. I don’t think people care that much to actually go on there and see what I have to say.

But my girlfriend eventually got me to get on there and now I have a little bit of fun with it. I pretty much just communicate with a couple of my friends. I’m not super-active—I’m pretty low key. I can see myself communicating more when I get drafted and become part of a team, especially if there are legit fans of mine who want to know what’s going on. I think that is super cool. I’ll definitely communicate with them.

What do we know about Ms. White? Not much. Looks like she lives a normal life and just happened to make an ESPN appearance last night while Anthony was going nuts at the thought of blocking for Peyton Manning.

There you go, Google searchers. You wanted to know who the hot chick next to Castonzo was. Here she is.


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