Maurice Clarett Trying To Sell His 2002 National Championship Ring On eBay? $8,500 Gets This Beauty!

You know why we’ve been keeping an eye on eBay for very expensive sports memorabilia? Because there are former athletes out there tryin’ to fill their tanks with $4.15/gal. gas. That Escalade isn’t magically running on electric.

So anyway, today we were cruising…and… what do we have here? A 2002 Ohio State National Championship ring? And it belongs/belonged to a starting player who wore a 14.5? We’re not jewelers. Maybe one of you can tell us if that would be the size Mo Clarett would have worn.

The auction will probably be over by the time most of you slackers check this, so maybe float the owner an email if it doesn’t sell. Offer $5,500.

I am selling an Awesome  Very Rare Authentic 2002 Ohio State University National Championship Football  Ring.  This is a Starting Player’s Ring. Player name is private until ring is paid for. This ring is absolutely beautiful.  The red center stone is in excellent condition and  has the #1 in Cubic Zirconias.  The ring is 10K Yellow Gold made by Jostens and Weighs a HUGE 60 Grams. Aprox. size 14.5.  Overall condition of the ring is very nice and clean. There is very slight wear on the backside part of shank.   On one side of the ring is the Player name and on the other side is the undefeated record 14-0  and Cubic Zirconia. This is the ultimate collectible for the Ohio State  fan or championship ring collector.

Don’t even laugh, SEC fan. We have our eyes on a couple of auctions that seem fishy. Don’t even let us catch any of your guys selling out or they’ll be appearing on here next week.


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