Video: As Tuscaloosa Tornado Takes Aim At Bryant-Denny, ‘Bama Fan Screams “Don’t You F***ing Wreck Our Stadium!”

By now you’ve seen the videos, the photos, the tweets, Jim Cantore live on the scene, etc. It’s an eery scene in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where twisted cars are being thrown off the side of Interstate 59/20 and a huge area of the city is destroyed.

But leave it to ‘Bama fan, facing a giant twister roaring through his city to think of the football stadium. This video says it all.

“Don’t you F***ing wreck our stadium!”

[youtube width=”525″ height=”455″][/youtube]

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) “Tornado in downtown Tuscaloosa April 27 2011. It passed right by Bryant-Denny Stadium… the fan in the background yelled “Don’t you F***ing wreck our stadium!” My friend recorded this from the third story of his apartment building As of now the amount of damage done is unknown. Please keep the people of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham in your prayers….. Roll Tide”

Climax of Video: Those famous words from ‘Bama fan.

Conclusion: The stadium was spared but the city was destroyed. We visited this great football city last Fall and really, really enjoyed ourselves. We met great people and were treated like family. There is death, but hopefully those who survived can rebound and get back on track soon.

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