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NFL Draft Stunners: Prince Amukamara Bringing His Kissing Booth To Tampa Bay, According To Mel Kiper’s Crystal Ball

Kiper’s final report:

…I feel bad seeing Amukamara fall this far. But in a need game, there’s always a player who falls a bit on draft night. For various obvious reasons, Tampa is now looking very thin at cornerback, and while before I saw the Bucs targeting a defensive end, if Amukamara somehow was still sitting here at No. 20, it’d be a pretty easy pick to make.

Ladies of Tampa, you’ve been warned.

Tweeted today by Ashley Cummins:

Best of luck to @BlaineGabbert & @PrinceAmukamara tonight in the #NFL draft!! #MIZ #GBR

[Mel Kiper Mock Draft Has Bucs Taking Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara РSB Nation]

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