Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Niece Krista Ford Has Lingerie Football League Dreams & Is Ohio State, Florida, Steelers & Dolphins Fan!

Making our normal rounds on Google News this morning turned into quite an eye opener from the Lingerie Football League. It seems that Toronto is abuzz with news that Rob Ford, the mayor, has a niece trying out for the expansion team that will suit up in the LFL this fall. Her father, Doug, is a city Councillor.

Krista Ford is her name and she has 298 Twitter followers as of this writing. Let’s just say that number should be exploding fairly soon.

The Toronto Star, like giddy sports bloggers, jumped all over this story.

“I like crashing into people,” the blond, built linebacker said with a laugh Wednesday after word leaked of her intention to try out Saturday for the new Toronto Triumph franchise.

“I play beach volleyball in a bikini and kick a soccer ball in a bikini — that (it would be a problem) never crossed my mind,” said Krista, an MVP two years running on Richview Collegiate’s flag football team who trained with guys “because I was way stronger than the girls.

The most important nugget in the Star story – besides the mayor’s impressive niece – was that LFL players aren’t paid. You heard that right. No money. And here this whole time we thought they at least earned $25 Best Buy gift cards.

The highly profitable league doesn’t pay the players, but does cover travel costs and helps the players get other opportunities. Ten LFL players were featured in February’s Playboy.

The Toronto team will debut in the U.S. league with games scheduled against the Cleveland Crush, Philadelphia Passion, Baltimore Charm, Tampa Breeze and Orlando Fantasy.

Look at how lucky Krista (if she makes the team) is when it comes to jet-setting with her LFL girlfriends. Who’s up for a bus trip to Cleveland this weekend!?!

But Krista is excited and that’s what this is all about. She’s about to go viral in the U.S. and is an Ohio State, Florida Gators  and Steelers fan. Oh, did we mention she’s an Urlacher fan, too. This chick has no idea the creepers that are about to go nuts in 3…2….1….


[Krista Ford – Facebook]

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