Want To Buy A New England Patriots Super Bowl XXXVI Ring? It’ll Cost You $63,000!


From time to time we take a look at what’s doing on eBay in the high-end collector auction realm just to see how the other half of society lives and blows money. Since the NFL lockout is on/off depending who you talk to, we went snooping to see if anyone was looking to pay bills by selling bling.

What we found was a staff member of the New England Patriots with a Super Bowl XXXVI ring for sale. Know anyone on that staff who wears an 11 3/4?

This isn’t our rodeo with a Patriots SB ring.

Remember these photos of somebody’s ring being displayed against boobs. This is a conversation piece, guys, and could very well get you this kind of action. Not saying $63k can’t be spent on other things to get you laid, but a SB ring is pretty much the best panty dropper on the sports memorabilia market.

Here are the details on the ring offered on eBay right now:

14K White Gold – 2.61ct tw in diamonds!!

Size 11 3/4 – Weighs 70g

Have an image of a Super Bowl ring against racks? Send us an email.


[New England Patriots NFL Championship Superbowl Ring]

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